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  1. Sign Up Request Form

    Welcome to ODS PRO, we are currently not accepting any more sign up requests, because we are going through some major changes related to functionality and the services we offer. Beta testing phase will begin from 1 Aug 2016, if you wish to be a part of the testing phase email us your information at acc.request@odspro.com and our Account Management Team will get back to you.

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  2. Advantages of the Portfolio

    User Friendly Portfolio Design Tool What make us different from all other portfolio websites is that we offer a blank canvas to the user, which they can fill any way they like, without any restrictions. We offer user friendly tools and options, which make portfolio designing quick, fun and easy.
    100's of fonts If you are bored of using 8 web safe fonts for every online project, then we have a solution for you that no other portfolio website offers. We give you the freedom to choose from hundreds of fonts because we know that stunning typography always captures viewer’s attention and above all it’s every designer’s essential need. Not only do we give you font choices, we also give you control over letter spacing, word spacing and line height when you are working with text. Yes it’s a dream come true feature for every portfolio designer.
    No HTML Needed What makes us different from every other online portfolio service is that you can design it via a graphical interface while our online design tool will write the code for you. With ODS PRO, we do not restrict you by making you work in layouts or by only making you upload photos. We give you the ultimate freedom to work the way you want and create the outlook you desire.
    Track your Portfolio Google Analytics has proven to be one of the most advanced and reliable tools to analyze traffic on your website. You can track the traffic on your portfolio by using your Google Analytics account. Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google.
    Custom Portfolio Domain Your portfolio link is what people will use to get to your portfolio directly. When you create a portfolio with ODS PRO, you will get a unique link for free, such as odspro.com/portfolio/johndavis. You can also map your domain to your online portfolio by submitting the mapping request form.
    Platform Independence ODS PRO can be accessed from any device, plus ODS PRO is touch friendly as well. You can use Desktops, Tablets and even mobiles if you want to do the changes while you are on the move. We recommend that you use desktop or tablet for designing the portfolio but as such we do not want to restrict our users in any way.
  3. About Us

    ODSPRO (Online Design Studio for Professionals) is an online tool offered by Online Design Studio for Creative Professionals. This tool enables the creative minds to design their portfolio according to their own requirements and without any restrictions.

    ODSPRO offers design freedom to every creative professional because we believe that every creative mind has their own style and identity which a commonly used pre made style can never represent. We welcome you to our Online Design Community.

    Following Video shows how and what you can do with the Portfolio Design Tool:

    Demo Video of Portfolio Design 1 Demo Video of Portfolio Design 2
  4. Our Team

    Muhammad Omais Muhammad Omais Founder, Developer & Designer
    Syed Bilal Ali Syed Bilal Ali Founder & Tech Support
    Keelen Lowe Keelen Lowe Testing & Template Design
    Naureen Omais Naureen Omais Web Administrator & Analytics
    Zainab Ghani Zainab Ghani Marketing & Social Networking